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Welcome to the polylogblog! For reasons that are still not entirely clear to me, I decided to start a research blog. This is it. Topics of interest include data streams, sketches, compressed sensing, communication complexity, and information theory. We’ll see what happens.

To get the ball rolling, I’m planning a bunch of bite-sized posts on various results related to data streams. Most will be easy, some will be harder, some obscure, some well known. Clarification and/or corrections more than welcome!


A research blog about data streams and related topics.

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  • Resolved to only take the elevator if I was carrying coffee that would spill if I took the stairs. Now drinking more coffee. 3 months ago
  • I always find it more efficient to schedule meetings for yesterday. 3 months ago
  • RT @TheOfficialACM: Daniel Spielman of @Yale and Shang-Hua Teng of @USC to receive #Gödel Prize for addressing efficiency of graph algorith… 4 months ago
  • RT @mrtz: Please stop calling John Nash the "Beautiful Mind" mathematician. It's like calling Turing the "Imitation Game" mathematician. 4 months ago
  • Any deadline sufficiently far in the future is indistinguishable from never. 4 months ago

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