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After a very successful hiring season last year, the department is now focusing on hiring in theory, NLP, robotics, and vision (that’s four separate searches rather than one extreme interdisciplinary position).  So please apply! The official ad is here and note that, unlike previous years, we’re able to hire in theory at either the assistant or associate level. We’ll start reviewing applications December 3.


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  • Resolved to only take the elevator if I was carrying coffee that would spill if I took the stairs. Now drinking more coffee. 1 month ago
  • I always find it more efficient to schedule meetings for yesterday. 1 month ago
  • RT @TheOfficialACM: Daniel Spielman of @Yale and Shang-Hua Teng of @USC to receive #Gödel Prize for addressing efficiency of graph algorith… 3 months ago
  • RT @mrtz: Please stop calling John Nash the "Beautiful Mind" mathematician. It's like calling Turing the "Imitation Game" mathematician. 3 months ago
  • Any deadline sufficiently far in the future is indistinguishable from never. 3 months ago

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