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A guest post from Krzysztof Onak:

A few recent workshops on sublinear algorithms compiled lists of open problems suggested by participants. During the last of them, in July in Dortmund, we realized that it would be great to have a single repository with all those problems. After followup discussions (with Alex Andoni, Piotr Indyk, and Andrew McGregor), we created a wiki page at Currently, it only contains open problems from the aforementioned workshops, but we invite submissions of inspiring problems from all areas of sublinear algorithms (sublinear time, sublinear space, etc.). Additionally, we want to compile a list of books, surveys, lecture notes, and slides that can be useful for learning about different areas of sublinear algorithms. We hope that this wiki will not serve only spambots, which have already been raiding it for a while, but it will also be a great source of inspiration for the whole community.


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